The AC/DC Extō+4 is the first of its kind: a modern, powerful electrical extension so you can 86 your ancient power strip. The housing is a clean white finish with black outlets and rubber inlet covers. The cord is covered in black woven cotton with a white X pattern. Every Extō+4 is assembled sweatshop-free in Seattle, Washington of components from nearly 25 sources, mostly in the United States.

The square cast-aluminum housing won’t slide or tip and can be screwed to a wall or other surface using the self-tapping screw holes on the underside.

The cord is 8 feet of industrial-quality 14 gauge extra-flexible wire rated to 15 AMPs. The Extō+4 is the only 4-outlet modular multi-outlet extension with internal tamper resistant barriers protecting the electric current from little objects, helping prevent shock.


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